Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week Three Recap

This week was all about Equanimity which means evenness of mind especially under stress. This is a wonderful practice for ALL of us. I have such a tendency to stress about the silliest things in life. I have been known to throw things, hit things, etc to deal with stress. And really what is worth that??? Nothing! I need to practice breathing and controlling myself. I have always had a temper - I know where it comes from and it is something hard for me to control. I cry easily and shut down in times of stress.

This week was a wonderful time for me to practice this. This week I found out that a baby girl that we were in line to adopt (but fell through after thanksgiving) was born three weeks ago (I only found out about it this week). The baby is still in limbo between the family and it truly breaks my heart for that baby girl. I never once stressed about it. I breathed and reminded myself that this was not our baby. That was so unlike me...but I knew it would do nothing for the situation if I stressed about it.

Another stressful event this week was getting a splinter UNDERNEATH my fingernail.....and it is still there btw :( I was so calm dealing with this. My hubby wasn't home and instead of curling up in a ball and sulking over it - I took care of it. And with trying pretty much EVERYTHING it is still there...and I am just watching it and staying calm.

I am prone to anxiety - and since I have started this journey I have notice a HUGE difference in my symptoms. It is amazing what anxiety can do to you - and I have had so many symptoms of anxiety in the past few years. But I always notice if I calm down and don't dwell on things - they seem to go away. It is amazing what patience, breathing and being calm will do for your body.

My practice went great this week - I did another Yin Yoga for Back Care, Slow Flow Yoga, and Heart Centered Flow - home practice was a video and Wii Fit - again I had a very hot class that wasn't suppose to be hot. I will say it is amazing what heat does to me - I feel horrible with it, it immediately makes me doubt myself and I start thinking I can't do anything. I came home in tears wanting to give up again. I am for the most part a very positive person considering all I have been through - but I have weak times. And this was one of them, I start to question what I did to deserve my accident and look at the pain it still causes. This is something I try to work on everyday. I just need to remind myself of what all I have been through and I can get through anything because I am strong.

I did good with my eating minus a sweet little boy's birthday party that my husband catered and the package of sour patch kids I ate today (the snow made me do it) while I started organizing my studio. I am looking forward to the fruit fast next week - I can't wait to see how it makes me feel!

Meditation - again awesome week with that. I can feel so many benefits from it and have started suggesting it to others because it has already been so good to me.

Journaling.....well you are looking at it :)

Until next week.....take care of yourself, breathe and remember to look at all the beauty in your life and be happy.


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