Tuesday, January 5, 2010


CUTE OVERLOAD! I was lucky enough to be asked to make sweet little Ben's patch for this adorable red union suit. It is always an honor being asked to make something for a photo shoot - and this one was no exception. Then to see the Christmas card - so special! This particular photo shoot was shot by none other than my sweet and talented friend Brittany of Moncrief Photography. To see more of the pics go here.

Thanks again Betsy for asking me to do this for you - your family is beautiful!


Amber Ulmer- Ulmer Studios said...

stinking cuteness! i always love brittany's lifestyle work! xo

-brittany- said...

Yay Tobi! You are SO sweet! Thank you so much! It is always such an honor to be on your blog and I LOVE when my clients sport IH (they have good taste;). LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Ivey Handcrafted, but I love the crafter even more. Muah Tobes!

Thanks Amber! Your a sweetheart!

Ivey Handcrafted said...

Thanks Amber - and yeah Brittany rocks the lifestyle - I love to see how she see things :)

Brittany - I love you too sweet girl!! Thanks for always pimping out IH :)