Friday, May 30, 2008

what's to come...

For those of you in blogger world that don't know me personally you probably don't know just how much our lives could change here in the next few months....

We have a lot riding on 2 things...

my husbands acceptance to OHSU nursing school in Portland, OR


the sale of our house in Chattanooga, TN

if those two things align....we are suppose to doubt!

Well today we got an email that the letter had been mailed to corey - so it is so strange to think that the decision has been made....there is no turning back - prayers have been it is just waiting. And even if we don't go to Portland, it will be incredibly awesome if corey gets into school there. They take 8% and I honestly think he will get in. But either way I am so proud of my husband for his 4.0, tutoring 3 subjects and just really enjoying school this time around.

Second - tomorrow they are showing our the same person for the second keep your prayers going for that - you never know stars could align and it could be happening for us..

whatever happens - it is meant to be - and I just need to remember that!

thanks for listening!
Happy Weekend

a pic of us in Portland, OR January 2007

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who Fest 2008

I think I might be on the recovery end of a fantastic but exhausting weekend. This weekend was Who Fest and I actually went in thinking I wasn't going to do well - had some new things I was trying out...and just wasn't too postive...but I was mistaken - I did great and feel so good about the new things I am making - I got great positive feedback from customers and fellow artists!

Besides it being blasted hot - it was a great time spent with friends, family and fellow artists who I feel blessed to call friends. The following friends were there:
Another Sassy Product
Beth Gumnick
S. Evets
Michael Jenkins
Mont (Local Weather Arts)
Mary Beth McClure
C. Bailey Jackson
Nicholas Seal

And new friends I met this weekend:
Mary Zeman
Julia Masaoka
Julia Hedgepath
Deona Fish
Reba Campbell
Kelley Bentley Ash

I bought 2 fabulous pieces of art:

This one from Kelley Bentley Ash which is roughly 3 feet x 2 feet.

and another one from Deona Fish that is roughly 2 inches x 2 inches and something else from Deona that I can't put on here because it is a gift :)

And then here are some shots of my booth - with the beautiful Downtown Chattanooga backdrop - and close ups of some of my new items!

This last pic is of my new stands for my walls that my neighbor Mattanooga made for me....also I have water holding the tent down and paint bucket just in case the stands need weight. I need to work on making my display secure - it was quite windy this weekend! Thanks again Matt for my awesome stands!!

Thanks to EVERYONE who came out...I appreciate all of you and can't wait till next time! And thanks to David of Winder Binder and all the volunteers - you rocked it!


Saturday, May 24, 2008


I just had to link you to my good friend Rich Smith's photography blog for another sweet baby in one of my onesie.

Oh my goodness...just look!

Rich's pictures are FANTASTIC and I can't wait to have a baby one day and have him take photos!

Here is a great close up shot of the Tucker Onesie

but go here to look at more of this adorable face.

Thanks Rich again for making my onesies look so great!

Friday, May 23, 2008

My Very Own Feltidermy

So I have been a fan of Girl Savage for some time...but I finally decided to get my very own feltidermy made - and what a great package to come on a friday afternoon! And it was packaged so nicely - with a cute little ribbon tied around and closed off with a little Girl Savage button. And a personalized thank you note from Kate (always a nice touch to a package)

The Jackalope brings back memories of my family's trip out west when I was a kid and there were "stuffed" jackalopes everywhere! So when I was trying to decide which feltidermy to get it had to be the that I have it in my hands - I want more! I want a whole collection - uh oh dear husband....I have an new collection I want :)

Go check out her shop - she is fabulous!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

a few new pieces....

I made some new pieces...trying new things...

hope they work!

I am excited about Who Fest - just hope I fit in with all the other artists...I keep questioning myself...and I need to stop that!

Think Positive Thoughts!

Just wanted to share some new goodies with you....



Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Herbert Made It Home

So yesterday I got Herbert in the mail....beautifully packaged with a cute little tag and a wonderful note from Stacey of Three Red Trees.

Here are a few photos...and don't worry as much as Nellie wants her...she is all mine! I just thought I couldn't pass up the photo....hard to believe Nellie sat without taking her friend by the head :)

Thanks again Stacey - I love him....and I can't wait to get him a friend one day!

For those of you who want to get a sock dog of your own here is a link to her shop.


yes I know the pics aren't great...these were quick just so I could get these on the blog... :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Herbert is mine!

I am the lucky winner of Herbert, an original sock pup. I have been reading Three Red Trees blog for a while - and she had a post this tuesday to win Herbert - and through the random number generator I won! I am so excited and can't wait to get him in the mail...and don't worry Three Red Trees he is coming to a wonderful home and I will take great care of him!

For those of you who want a sock puppy for your own go to Three Red Tree's shop!

What a great way to bring sunshine to this rainy day! xoxo

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A New Opportunity

Blue skies Smiling on me
Nothing but blue skies Do I see
Blue birds Singing a song
Nothing but blue skies From now on.

Wonderful news - my very favorite store in town Blue Skies is going to start carrying my work! I met with Tina this morning and she loved my work. Thanks to Denise for helping me get the appointment and to Ginger (who works at Blue Skies and had bought my work last year) for telling Tina how great my work holds up! So after Who Fest I will officially have my work in Blue Skies.

This is a WONDERFUL opportunity for me and I feel like my work really fits in with Blue Skies beautiful shop! I can't wait to say it is officially there! I will have to take pics and post them when they are in place!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Dalton Saturday Market & Chattanooga Market

Woo - what a weekend!

I am coming off of a great weekend at 2 totally different shows.

1st off the first Dalton Saturday Market which was a great market for its first time ever. I met some incredible people and got FANTASTIC feedback about my work. I loved the energy in Dalton and how genuinely excited people were to have this market in town. I can't wait to do more! It ended up being one of my most successful shows - especially being only 5 hours long! How wonderful. And Lynda of Another Sassy Product and I had a great set up together at both shows - we made it like we were one booth almost like a room in your home! We work so well together - and I am so thankful I have her and her or my "daughter" Alison to hang out with all day. They bring so much happiness to my world!!! Here are a few pics from the day - and look at my new set up - thanks to my parents for the awesome screens (they are from past set ups from shows long ago :) )

Then came Chattanooga Market - awesome turn out, bad winds, so-so day - I am not sure if I am meant to be at Market - not sure if it works for me or not, but I do want to try more, I have afterall done just we shall see. But if nothing else I love Paul & Chris the guys that run it - they are awesome to work with - and go out of their way to make you happy! Again I was next to Lynda - and people really loved our booths together! Here are some photos from the day! And one of my newest customers with a barrette that seemed to be made just for her!!

Now I get to go get ready for Who Fest!!

until next time...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Fun

So....Nellie got a summer cut today - and I took pics of the progress!

Watch Nellie lose weight before your eyes :)

The Bath

Before the Cut

During the Cut

After the Cut

"her weight"'

Thats all I have for you today! Back to work for me! xoxo Happy Weekend!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ivey Handcrafted's Upcoming Weekend

After a week of total car mess - I have decided to do 2 shows this weekend...

First one is this Saturday, May 10th at the first Saturday Market in Dalton, GA. I had met Veronica who does all the promotions and marketing for the event at Chattanooga Market and she invited me to come try it I thought what better time than now? So here is the info:

King Street
Dalton, GA
Saturday Market
10 am - 3 pm
Below is a map
Come see me - and my friend Lynda of Another Sassy Product will be there right next to me!

Click on the map to make it bigger.

Next up is Chattanooga Market on Sunday, May 11th - Mother's Day. And again I will be next to Lynda!

Chattanooga Market
First TN Pavilion
1826 Carter Street
12 - 5 pm

click map to make bigger...

Come Shop Local!

Lets just pray for great weather! Ivey Handcrafted needs a new car!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

A night with my niece and nephew

Corey (my husband) and I babysat our niece (Lucy) and nephew (Rigby)this week. And we had a blast. Our first stop was the playground after picking them up at school.
I decided to take lots of pictures - and here are a few (okay so all) of my favorites:

We had such a good time - then went home ate yummy pizza, took a bath and ate popsicles. The night ended with Rigby, Lucy and Nellie snuggled up in bed with me...unfortunately Corey had to go upstairs and sleep alone....We wake up to happy kids and my brother comes and picks them up for school. The sweetest moment was when they were driving away and Rigby yells "Tobi O Wan (yes that is what he calls me...a take on obi wan kanobi he made up when he was around 2)" I run over to the car...and he wanted to share a few of his strawberry cheerios with me....ooooh my heart.

Here are a few more pics from the past...just because I want to put some sweet pics of my babies :)