Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Inspiration in ATL

So yesterday I went to Atlanta with my friend Summer to shop at Ikea.....1 of my fave places - and even more fun we were shopping for her new place - so I got to help shop and spend someone else's money! TOO MUCH FUN! So she found lots of wonderful things - and I actually got out of there spending only $20 - um wow? Before we went to Ikea we went to some shops Summer wanted to go to at the mall - Delia's and Forever 21 - 2 places I am too large and feel too old to shop in....however my thought process while I was there was look at all those pretty fabrics, designs, etc. So I am including some pics from a few clothing items that inspired me! Something about the mix of patterns, mix of colors - they just spoke to me.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Work

I have been working on my friend's baby announcements - that I hope turn out super cute! I have wonderful inspiration in these photos by http://www.holritzphotography.com/. This is the photo they chose for the announcements - and I think it is perfect! After all they are introducing themselves as a family :)

I will post a pic when I am done with the announcements....

Also - I have been working on some new hair barrettes and pins - here are pics! Please don't compare the photos to the one above....I am after all an amateur :) But I hope you like my work - I am trying some new things!

Friday, June 22, 2007

no fair

My sweet husband has left for the weekend to mountain bike in Asheville....so sad - I have to stay home and work - would so much rather be in Asheville than working! No fair!!! I hate when my husband is gone - it is so lonely without him - thank god my fur baby nellie

is still here! So with husband away ---- I have to WORK! I take this as I can mess up our living room with all my craft stuff and create new things! So when I am not working at my real job I will be working on my fun job (wait I have fun at my real job too - how lucky am I?) So I will be adding some work to my etsy site....stay tuned!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Holly Hobbie

When I was a little girl my mom made me an entired bedding set of holly hobbie. I have loved holly hobbie my whole life - something about that patchwork has inspired me for years. It makes me want to mix patterns that don't match.....but still somehow work. She makes me want to sew - just like I did as a little girl when my mom taught me how to sew and I must have sewn a hundred pillows.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

my inspiration for today

I stumbled upon this website....http://www.lorimarie.com/index.php

and the inspiration just flowed! Look at these pretty little things!

And look where she works - made me want to work on my own studio. She calls her the tiny house - and who wouldn't want to work in that?

this is a site worth keeping up with. She has the cutest work with the sweetest details!

Monday, June 18, 2007

My Splash Page

Lookie what Stevaker did!!!

This is only the beginning.....I am so proud of this page!

Etsy & My Bonnie and Clyde

Friends! I have an etsy account....you must check it out!!!

more cute stuff to come!


and also check me out on My Bonnie and Clyde - what a cute shop - so proud to be a part of it!


my logo

My good friend Steve Hamaker of www.stevaker.com designed this fab logo for me! Don't you love it? He is also creating my website.... www.iveyhandcrafted.com - this is only the beginning but it already feels like me! I am so lucky to have him!