Thursday, September 4, 2008

Patterned Handbags

I found these fun patterned handbags on etsy and wanted to share them with you! I love handbags - handbags make me happy :)


Retro Green Floral Large Hand Bag by Studio Globe

Reversible Hobo Bag by Retrofied

La.Mi Market Bag by Lami Design

Teal - Bird Weekender by DrikaB

Park Slope Hobo by Hen House Handmade

Pop Garden Brown Hobo Bag by Deyitta

1 comment:

freshie (and zero) said...

Drika B makes the coolest bags! Her shop doesn't keep stock very long - they seem to sell really fast! Not that I'm on the hunt for my next great purse or anything...

I've been enjoying mine from Charm Design on etsy since October!!! Seriously - that is a record for me although there was a brief separation while I had a Hobo purse during December... until the strap fell apart! A $260 purse and the strap unraveled. You can say I learned my lesson about buying expensive purses...