Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It All Started With A Mouse

So this past weekend I had the honor of spending my birthday weekend with my Disney Friends on the Jersey Shore for a wedding- Disney friends you ask? Well 11 years ago I was lucky enough to work at Walt Disney World on the College Program. It was one of the best summers of my life - and since then I have stayed in touch with all my friends. We get together for trips, weddings, etc. We always have the best time and always wish the next time could be sooner. I never knew that a few months of my life could give me some of the best friends I would ever know. In honor of Disney - I have found a few treats on etsy that remind me of my disney days! xoxo

Vintage Mickey Necklace by Morasha Jewelry

Hand Cut and Stamped Mickey Necklace by Tropacopy

Laughter is Timeless by BDDesigns

Mickey Mouse Record by The Last Circus

Mickey Mouse Side Table by Bombus

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