Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Reason I Do What I Do

In the last post I told you about a baby blanket I made for Miss Anna Kate...

Well I got fabulous feedback from Anna Kate's mom Amy.

First she sent me photos, then wrote a blog about it - which made my day.

Here are 2 of my fave photos:

and check out her write up on Ivey Handcrafted here on her blog.



Amy said...

Thanks for featuring my little one in your blog! We've shown the blanket to everyone we have seen this weekend!

orange you lucky! said...

Isn't that's just the best when someone appreciates what you do! Cute blanket:)

JLC Studio said...

Awwww...those are the cutest photos (and the cutest baby!). I love the blanket you made for her...whish I would have known about your stuff when my neice and nephew wouldn't have built a fort out of it (i.e. they're too big now)!