Friday, March 19, 2010

Moncrief Photography Spoils Me

I am so lucky....not only do I call Brittany of Moncrief Photography my friend but she takes the MOST amazing pictures of my work. She did all my photos for my blog- the header and the side bar photos. She has spoiled me so that when I take my own pictures I think "I wish Brittany could take these instead".

When Brittany came to me to make Tucker & Tripp's shirt and onesie I was so excited - Brittany always lets me do my own thing with just a color choice. And I LOVE these color together - they look great and I might have to do more like them in the future. So here are the beautiful pics she took and here is a link to her blog so that you can see the sweet blog she did about me.

Here are links to a few past blogs featuring Moncrief Photography - here - here - here & here
Brittany - thank you for all you do for my business. And more than that thank you for being my friend. Love ya girl!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these Tobi!! My boys are going to be ADORABLE in them!! THANK YOU!! -Jennifer Froehlich

Ivey Handcrafted said...

Oh I can't wait to see them. I loved making them for you!! Can't wait to meet Tripp :) xoxo

-brittany- said...

Tobi! You are too sweet!!!!! Thank you so much for your incredible sweetness and genuinely! I am so very very very lucky to know you! much love!

p.s. I am photographing more of your work tomorrow...yippee!!!