Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rigby & Lucy's Monster

Last week while my brother and sister in law went to Atlanta to see Jay Z and we got to keep they kids Rigby and Lucy. I was trying to think of fun things we could do and I came up with the idea after all my plushies that I wanted my niece and nephew to draw their "monsters" and I would make them come alive. Here is what they came up with....I think this is going to start something....what do you think?
Rigby's "Pig" - I hated I couldn't put on the "enspector bad monster" on the hat :)
And a few pics from our trip to McDonalds and you can tell by Uncle Corey's face how excited he was to be at the play place :) We were like hey kids you want to go get sushi....and they said "McDonalds" yippee
Lucy and her new pink hair I gave her - she wanted to be like Tobi O Wan
The kid's going up and up -
I thought this was the cutest picture, hated I only had my cell phone.
And this picture melts my heart...
Rigby is the BEST big brother - he was helping her up the big step.
I cherish my time with the kids - I am so lucky to have then. Being an aunt ROCKS!


Glue and Glitter said...

So cute!! I love how these turned out!!

Ivey Handcrafted said...

Thanks so much Becky - I was excited too!

-brittany- said...

This is PRECIOUS!!! I love Rigby and Lucy's monsters and love even more the fact that they designed them their selves!!!!