Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My friend Jennifer

My sweet friend Jennifer approached me awhile back about doing her wedding invitations! I met Jennifer when I worked at Hair A Go*Go and became fast friends with this beautiful girl.

Well finally they are done and mailed out....they may have taken me WAY longer than I thought they would...but I am really happy with them and so is Jenn which is the most important!


Brittany said...

Once again, Ivey Handcrafted has out done herself. The invitations. . .wow. . .I have never seen anything like them.

Jessica said...

These are stunning. Did you hand stitch each one? Gorgeous!

Ivey Handcrafted said...

I did hand stitch each one....I am crazy I know it...but it just looked so much better than machine stitched ;) I am a sucker for details!

thanks girls for your kinds words!!! xoxo

Jessica said...

I agree. They look awesome. And how awesome to get that in the mail! How could you turn down that wedding?!

One time I made Christmas cards, 50 of them. And didn't think about the envelope size. And had to handmake 50 envelopes. So I stitched them together to make it seem like I did it on purpose. Ended up cute - but wow it took a lot of time. I'm sure 200 of those took you a long time!!

As for the etsy shop - some day I'll have time to actually add more of my stuff on there! Probably won't happen until we move though since I've already packed a lot of it up. (we're moving to Chattanooga end of July).

Natalie said...

Those are awesome! So unusual and beautiful!