Monday, June 30, 2008

A Little Monday Fun

1. tobi, 2. sushi, 3. Sevierville, 4. Green, 5. Justin Timberlake, 6. My coffee loves me too, 7. Switzerland, 8. candy, 9. Artist, 10. Family, 11. Strong, 12. Ivey Handcrafted

So after seeing this on Fog and Thistle's blog I thought I would try a little blog game. And I have never played with Mosaic Maker and it sounded like fun.

The rules are as follows:
Type the answers to the following questions into Flickr search.
Using only the first page, pick one image.
Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fds mosaic maker.

what is your first name?
what is your favorite food?
where did you go to high school?
what is your favorite colour?
who is your celebrity crush?
favorite drink?
dream destination?
favorite dessert?
what you want to be when you grow up?
what do you love most in life?
one word to describe you?
your Flickr name?

Happy Monday! XOXO

1 comment:

Becca and Brent said...

this was so much fun - i did one myself on my blog. i TOTALLY copied it.

small world: your brother erik used to be my husband's boss at unum chattanooga....just found that out today and thought you'd like to know.

small small world :)