Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekly Pinterest DIY

I am going to try a new weekly blog post about DIY's found on pinterest. I kept seeing painted wooden bead tutorials on pinterest and my friend Amy and I were shopping at Joann's and she was gathering items to make some so I thought I would try my hand at it. So here is the original post (which I admit looks WAY more polished then mine)
So here is my spin on it, I feel a little like a kid wearing it - like a craft project you did in sunday school but it is still cute - I did mine a little differently, pattern wise. Enjoy, I am excited about this new weekly challenge! Join with me!


Jenn Ross said...

I love that necklace! I wanna try the challenge. Are we making the tutorial that you find? I think I'll head to Joann's for some wooden beads this weekend. :) I bet the girls would get into it too. Cute DIY!

Ivey Handcrafted said...

Hey Jenn - that is a great idea! I would LOVE for you to join along!!! I would love to pick but you could also? Let me know if you have ideas and I would love to create them! YAY! and yes it would be very easy to do with the girls!

Jenn Ross said...

Lead on girl! I will try to keep up and make what you make each week. It'll be a nice challenge for me. I almost did the instagram photo a day but totally forgot
"reflection" on day one. LOL Soooo, a weekly thing is way more realistic.