Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day Bliss

we had snow, beautiful glorious snow....and it makes me happy. My hubby made soup, I made snow cream, we walked around our neighborhood and gave our dogs many a warm bath to melt the snow off their hair. I would count these last two days as some of the best....hope everyone else had wonderful snow days.

this photo came out super tiny on here - but click on it - found an awesome new feature on my phone that does panoramic photos.
This is a gorgeous view from our front yard.
This picture makes me swoon.
my home & my hubby in snow - winter bliss.
Needed to cover up the ugly stuff that goes on the shelves, so I made some little "curtains" for my shelves. What better use for overflow fabric then to make curtains.
vintage fabric & sewing machine = happy new curtains
I threw this vintage bedspread up on my window in my studio, posted a pic on facebook and got TONS of compliments on it - so I finished them and they are brand new curtains behind my workspace.

So there were my snow day projects.....broke two needles, pricked my finger with the needle - but it was worth it :)

Tomorrow it's back to the real world, it will be great to get out of the house and see this beautiful world around me.

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