Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week Four Recap

This week was all about fruit fast and puppies for me. Puppies = awesome/Fruit Fast = not so much. I will start with puppies first. These two adorable puppies you see above were found out in the snow by one of our dear friends. They were filthy, matted up and had frozen underbellies. Our friend saved them and now we are fostering them. They are awesome puppies. We already have them crate trained, and yesterday was our first day with NO ACCIDENTS in the house. They are such kind natured little puppies and get along so well. And we would love to keep them but then we would have 5 animals....and we just feel like that is too much for our family. But we need to find a home soon - before we get ANY MORE attached! EEK!

Fruit Fast - I feel like this whole week was centered around 3 days. I did good - I didn't even have caffeine. But I was very thankful for tomatoes and avocados. During the three days I felt no different besides a no caffeine headache. I really didn't lose weight and honestly didn't feel more energy. So I was glad it was over and for me personally I didn't see a need for it. However I did realize two days later when I was having some indigestion - hmm? I didn't have that when I just ate fruit. I will say the other positive is it made me enjoy fruit again - I have always loved it, I just kinda forget about it - so this has made me really put it back into my diet. And after it was over I was most excited about having a good salad :) And that is exactly what I did on Friday after it was over, and it was yummy!

Yoga Practice - I did pretty good this week - 5 days of yoga, 4 at the studio. Beginning, Yin Yoga, Slow Flow and another Beginning. Wonderful classes as always - looking forward to my favorite class Yin Yoga for Backcare on Monday (I had to miss this week and was so sad). So I am definitely becoming addicted to this and I am very sad that it is coming to a close soon. I will miss taking so many classes at North Shore because I know I can't afford to keep taking them at the pace I am now. But I hope I will be able to do at least a class a week in studio.

Meditation - I have to say I slacked a little bit in meditation this week. I missed one night - and I noticed I didn't sleep as well - I couldn't fall asleep as fast and realized that meditation has really become a part of my nightly ritual. I still just don't do well on the morning meditations. I think I really think of meditation as my nightly routine - I will try to work on that more this upcoming week.

Journaling - again you are looking at it.

I started a thing a day art project where I make something new everyday - just little projects, but I am really enjoying it and trying to teach myself some new things in the meantime.

So overall great week - could have done better, could have done A LOT worse. I am fostering happy puppies, I practiced yoga, good eating and meditation and I got to celebrate my sweet niece lucy's birthday over the weekend with my awesome family. Sounds like a great week to me!



Glue and Glitter said...

That fruit fast sounds intense! Good for you for sticking with it!

Anonymous said...

The puppies are so cute if only Lance would let me keep them!
Rachel P

Ivey Handcrafted said...

oh I wish he would Rachel- they are the sweetest need to come see them. They are such good babies. I wish we could keep them too!

Avokat said...

That's funny Tobi---if you read what I put about the fruit fast on the NSY blog, it is almost word for word what you said--thank goodness for the avocados and tomatoes! Also, I had a Daddy Bob also--my mother's father. I thought that was funny.

See you sometime at the studio. It sounds like we take almost the same classes. I don't like the hot classes either---I have no medical reason for it, but it irritates the crap out of me. I tried the Kundalini class this past week and would have liked it if the heat had not been turned up!