Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Art Til Dark Round 2

photo by Rich Smith

What a beautiful day - and wow how thankful am I that Art Til Dark was postponed until Sunday - because my goodness Saturday was pure YUCK! So Sunday brought sunny weather and wonderful people. Again the highlight of my day was the visit of many friends and meeting new friends!!!

I was next to my friend Lynda again from Johnnie Mae Candles and other great finds like journals she makes out of old books! TOO awesome! My friend Beth Gumnick was there showing off her incredible art....which I found out on Sunday that I am one of her biggest collectors :) She started my dog art obsession!!! Thanks Beth! Another artist I love and keep trying to figure out which piece I want to buy is Michael Jenkins - and you can find his work at Winder Binder.

I have several friends and family come by and visit! And had 2 wonderful highlights of my day....

Brittany and Jimmy came by with Ada who is one of the sweet little babies I have had the honor of making a onesie for :) Well Brittany and Jimmy brought her by with her onesie one (Brittany took photos, that I will post when I get my hands on them). She is the sweetest little baby girl and only 5 weeks old. So after picking up their custom onesie for a friend of theirs:

They came back because they had forgotten to take a picture of me holding Ada in her onesie....oh my goodness - I seriously almost cried. It makes me realize why I do what I do. Thank you Brittany and Jimmy for coming by and sharing that moment with me. You have a beautiful family.

Next was meeting my friends Rich and Heather Smith (of Rich Smith Photography) - Rich took photos of Ada and my friend's baby Foy that I have posted pics about before. Here is a refresher :)

He is a fabulous photographer and we had only talked online until the show. So it was wonderful meeting such a beautiful family in person. They stayed awhile and hung out, took some great photos (check out there blog) and even bought a piece of Ivey Handcrafted's. I felt very fortunate to meet Rich, Heather and Alana - and can't wait to hang out with them soon!!! I love meeting new friends! Thanks Rich and Heather for coming by and meeting me! It was wonderful!

So it was a great day - even made some sales :)
So here is one last shot of my booth....again not great photos but check out my AWESOME new sign that my mom and I made! XOXO


Brittany said...

Thank you so much for Sunday. We had a wonderful time hanging out. Your products are absolute perfection, but you make them even more special. You are awesome. See you soon! J,B & Ada.

JLC Studio said...

Awwww, could those babies (and their onsies) be any cuter!! Love the sign you and your mom made too...very chic!

Fog and Thistle said...

great displays and products shots. The baby is super cute too.