Thursday, September 20, 2012

Succulent Soup Cans

 So you have heard the rage about these right? 

They are only making a limited edition of these andy warhol tomato soup cans for target. I only bought 6. They have 4 different colors but I really didn't love the 4th color. So when I found them at our local target I knew I wanted to use them as planters. 

I mean cuteness overload right??? 

This was so easy and cheap!  Here are the simple steps: empty the soup (you can save the soup for later - yay lunch) and clean out the can (as carefully as you can so you don't soak the wrap), put some rocks in the bottom to help with drainage, fill it up with dirt and then pop the succulents in! Also I am going to mod podge the outside to help protect them from water. (thanks to shopgussied 's suggestion on instagram)

Here's the after! I am so happy with how cute they turned out!
I think I might need more.......what cute gifts???? EEK! Enjoy - 

I also saw this super cute idea on pinterest!
found here


Erin Tagle said...

Eeeeek! So fun! I'm heading to Target today!

Ivey Handcrafted said...

Fun right??? I kinda want more!

Rachel Goode said...

I found your blog while searching for Instagram pics of worship at Created for Care... and I love it! Keep posting! You're inspiring me to make something... anything! It's all so cute!

Natural Handcrafted Soap Co said...

Great idea looks so cute