Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inspiration Workshop {pamperyourself}

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Pamper Yourself....I try to do this often I think it is so important to having a great life. When Gussy Sews prompted us this week I was excited...but unfortunately I have been sick so pampering myself has been a little out of the question - even though I have gotten quite the good rest lately :) So in my dream world and when I feel better I think this will be in order!

***First I wake up after a lovely long nights sleep and have my every day oatmeal (made with half vanilla almond milk and half water, and 1 tbsp of honey peanut butter) and a heaping cup of coffee while I catch up with my favorite blogs and social media.
***At some point in the day there would be a massage in this beautiful outdoor oasis. Can you imagine? Back when I lived in Asheville my dear friend who was a massage therapist would come to my house and give me a massage under my gazebo under the trees. It was perfection...and I miss it.
***after my massage I would have to take a nap with these two :) Besides my hubby these are the best napping partners a girl could ask for.
***that night would include a picnic outside at my house with movies playing on this awesome movie screen. We would have our favorite foods, snacks and good wine - the only guest would be my hubby and our fur babies.

Thanks Gussy for the prompt - until next week ;)


kris {life at the table} said...

love your coffee mug. it just looks like it has a story.

Ivey Handcrafted said...

it is my favorite mug made by a friend/artist of mine :) I love it too

sarah beth said...

love the outdoor massage and outdoor movies!

[stopping by from gussy's (: ]

Ivey Handcrafted said...

I know right? I would love to have both of those spaces!

Bailey Jean said...

Look at those precious pups! And this all seems like a heavenly day. Perfect pampering if you ask me :)

[Dropping in from Gussy's] :}

Ivey Handcrafted said...

Thanks Bailey - yes I have to agree they are cute pups I love them :)

Thanks for stopping by!