Thursday, May 5, 2011

Raining Love

After all the disaster in the south last week. I thought to myself "what can I do to help." Well I can stitch! SO I designed this Raining Love Raindrop that can be either a brooch or a barrette. The price is $10 and you can either do local pick up or $2 will come out of the $10 and I can ship it to you. ALL proceeds will go to my local Red Cross Chapter.

I am simply heartbroken over the disaster that swept through my area. If you haven't seen pictures or heard about it here are some links.

AMAZING video of the damage in Ringold, GA here.
Great news article here
Beautiful video of Ringold here
Other ways to help here

To order your Raining Love Brooch/Barrette email me at - let me know if you want to pick up, ship and do you want your drop to be a brooch or barrette. I will make these as fast as I can. I have already sold 22 today! So bear with me :)

spread the word.....spread the love....


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