Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Party 2010

Our 8th Annual Halloween Party was one of my most favorite yet! This is by far my favorite holiday - with Christmas coming in VERY close behind. I love decorating, corey loves cooking AWESOME food for the party, and we love throwing a party for all our friends so they can play dress up. Below are the photos before - a little of my decorations :)

My most favorite decoration that my dear friend Rich made for me :)
our bar before....and after the party ended at 4 am....
our cemetery.....the sun light was just perfect
pink glittery skulls make me happy....
the table before the food took over - it was awesome....believe me, wait I barely ate any!
And below.....the most fabulous part.....the photo booth by Strut! . It was an HONOR to have these girls be at our party and take AWESOME photos of our friends. I can't say enough about them....honestly I was brought to tears at the thought that they were there to capture the memories. I will never forget it.....enjoy and go to their blog post for bigger and better pictures - and facebook page for over 100 pics :) Heather and Amber - I love you both BUNCHES!!! xoxo

The beautiful girls behind Strut! - Heather & Amber
my boy...in all his scary glory
one of my most fave of the night
Mr. & Mrs. :)
and my most fave of the night.....before the group in front of the nice backdrop.....
After when my friend fell through the backdrop - hello Garage door :) Seriously BEST capture of the night!
until next year.....not sure how we can top this one! I LOVE MY FRIENDS - so lucky to have such awesome people in our world!

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That's What She Said... (No, Really!) said...

It looks like it was an amazing party! I was stalking out pictures on Facebook earlier this week. :)