Sunday, October 10, 2010

Amber Holritz make my work shine

I love my new friendship with Amber Holritz . We make a great creative team, she has awesome clients with great taste and I love making exclusive blankets just for her clients. I have always admired her and her husband's photography, I even followed their blog when I lived in Asheville over 4 years ago. Funny how people you meet through their blog become your friends :) Thank you Amber for letting me be creative and choose yummy fabrics for these blankets - and thank you for the most beautiful pictures....So enjoy these gorgeous photos of my work - there are a lot...... She spoils me :) Click on the photos for larger versions and be sure to check out Amber's photography website for more awesome lifestyle photos.
thanks again amber.....xoxoxo


Sophie {Red Dust Love} said...

Gorgeous blankets as always! And beautiful photograhy too! Thanks for sharing the link to her website.

Ivey Handcrafted said...

Thanks so much Sophie :) I appreciate it!!! xoxo - great blog btw :)