Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Wonderful Christmas Gifts

I was spoiled this Christmas....
and these are a few of my favorite things that I got! Lucky Me!!
One of my new most favorite rings Winter Bloom Ring by Silver Sparrow Designs
And a Chocolate Peacock Beaded Necklace also made by Silver Sparrow Designs

My custom Nameplate with Tobi O Wan (my nickname given to me by my nephew Rigby) by CBTsCloset pretty much rocks it!
My AWESOME felt necklace by Nervous System
My fun new necklace by one of my fave artists Danita Art
My sweet ear warmers/headband by Y. Rose (I got the pea green version)
My awesome pink Puffer Vest by Gap. It will keep me warm and it is PINK!
I am a happy girl with this gift - I know most people already have a pair but I have always wanted them! Classic Short Grey Uggs!

What about you - what were your favorite gifts??


-brittany- said...

Did you receive grey uggs from a member of the Grey Family?

You must be rotten now :) You had a fabulous Christmas and I am SO glad! You definitely deserve it!

My favorite gift was from my hubs...a locally handcrafted item by Forget Me Knot. A scarf made out of recycled sweaters.

Ivey Handcrafted said...

Nope but that would have been great. Corey got me those

I was spoiled probably too much. But it was fun. I spoiled others too which was great.

I love erins work I bet the scarf is beautiful.