Friday, January 9, 2009

My most favorite model

So my sweet friend Brittany has started her own photography business called Moncrief Photography - I have been so proud of her for her beautiful photographs, but of course my favorite ones are of her sweet little Ada - who has been wearing my onesies/tshirts since birth :) Well for Brittany's Holiday cards she had me make a cute new onesie for Ada to be worn during the photo shoot for the cards...and wow they turned out so cute! SO I feel very lucky to have Brittany as a friend - and what a great bonus that she loves my work and photographs her beautiful daughter wearing them! Thanks Brittany - and here's wishing you all the success in the world! Check out her blog here with the link about the cards and enjoy the photos below of the cutest little ada luv!


-brittany- said...

Oh Tobs! You are the best! She really has been in Ivey Handcrafted since birth. She did not even make it out of the hospital before she made her first appearance in an IH onesie and now it is almost her first birthday. From birth to birthday you have made her the cuties onesies ever! thank you for being so creative and thank you for being such a wonderful friend!

Lynda said...

She is kinda wonderful, isn't she? And my GOODNESS, what a cute little model she has in Ada.