Saturday, May 24, 2008


I just had to link you to my good friend Rich Smith's photography blog for another sweet baby in one of my onesie.

Oh my goodness...just look!

Rich's pictures are FANTASTIC and I can't wait to have a baby one day and have him take photos!

Here is a great close up shot of the Tucker Onesie

but go here to look at more of this adorable face.

Thanks Rich again for making my onesies look so great!


heather smith said...

well, I am biased for all kinds of reasons, but that is an amazing onesie, you are an amazing person with so much talent, Tucker is a precious baby of good friends, and my husband is an incredible this is just a WINNER!

heather smith said...

by the way, Tobi, you should totally include this photo in your etsy sample onesies photo section...just another perfect onesie for people to see an example of!!!

Natalie said...

It was so great meeting you yesterday! Aislyn loved her barrette and I took some "smiling" photos of her yesterday afternoon...I'll send you. Thanks again. I love my PIN!!!!

Ivey Handcrafted said...

Heather thank you for the sweet are such a DOLL!!! I would love to include that photo in like everything - I would love a copy of the original!!! xoxo

Natalie - awesome meeting you too - can't wait to see the pic! xoxo

JLC Studio said...

Oh my gosh...I'm on cute overload over here!!! Stop with all the cuteness already before I faint! Seriously great picture of the onesie as well :)

Ivey Handcrafted said...

isn't that the best makes me shine - He is such a great photographer! xoxo

essie said...

tobi, every time i link to you i find out about another incredibly talented local artist. it's exciting to see chattanooga's art crowd growing and blossoming. and your work-uber cool!