Sunday, February 17, 2008

Country Living

Crafting a business - I saw an ad for this book in my Country Living magazine (one of my all time favorites) and was intrigued by it. Then I was on my "friend" Lisa Norris website made by one girl and saw that she was featured in this book. How exciting - I have known about Lisa since her early days owning Spoon Fed here in Chattanooga. Now she is an amazing local artist that everyone needs to check out.

So I went on Amazon to buy this book - and it is sold out! But I ordered so that when it comes in - it will be mine! I can't wait - I am getting so much inspiration to keep going with my work from other crafters! Currently I am reading Craft, Inc. and it is really teaching me a lot about this craft world. I would highly recommend it! You will love it.

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essiewb said...

Thanks for the book references. I'm going to check them out. Also, the logo stickers are a cool idea.