Saturday, January 12, 2008

As I wait....

To enter the chat room on etsy - I figured I needed to write a blog....

I am in a rut - I need some inspiration! I know the biggest part of my rut is that I am working almost full time and don't have time to play - that hurts every way!

So as I was playing tonight I came across keri smith and found some inspiration to print out and read along with! Here is one of my favorites:

Check out Keri Smith...find some inspiration - I hope it works for me!

On that note - I just got in the chat room! Have a wonderful evening! XOXO

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freshie beth said...

That's a really cute website - thanks for sharing! I'm sorry you're feeling overwhelmed right now! I hope you find the energy to be creative soon - it's really hard when you work full time.