Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Inspiration in ATL

So yesterday I went to Atlanta with my friend Summer to shop at Ikea.....1 of my fave places - and even more fun we were shopping for her new place - so I got to help shop and spend someone else's money! TOO MUCH FUN! So she found lots of wonderful things - and I actually got out of there spending only $20 - um wow? Before we went to Ikea we went to some shops Summer wanted to go to at the mall - Delia's and Forever 21 - 2 places I am too large and feel too old to shop in....however my thought process while I was there was look at all those pretty fabrics, designs, etc. So I am including some pics from a few clothing items that inspired me! Something about the mix of patterns, mix of colors - they just spoke to me.

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